1. The Van Pelt guitarist Brian Maryansky is also a great photographer. Come to 30 North Maple street Florence MA this friday9/19 5:30- 6:30 to see some of his pics. It’s Florence Night Out lots of things going on in the neighborhood #brianmaryansky #thevanpelt #FNO @brian_maryansky


  2. katesamworth:

    Scenes from a story I’m writing about the adventures of Charles Willson Peale and Frida Kahlo. They’ve entered various paintings from the Ramayana. (gouache on paper)

    Kate Samworth



  4. Barcelona


  5. Last minute, we are back on this show. We play first #thevanpelt


  6. Dinner . 8/10/14
    I have started this gram cracker, for those who want to follow this #thevanpelt adventure without me clogging up your Facebook feed with my excitement. We are really lucky to have this opportunity to get together again and play music that we still love, and share it with people who seem excited.
    Our first few days are at a farm near Ferrara Italy owned by Manu and Allesandra. Here there is a really nice recording studio where we can rehearse. Manu and Allesandra are really into good local organic food, which is another big bonus. Soon we will have a garden party with their friends as a warm up show. This universe is really taking care of us!! Hopefully Neil Brian and chris will log in and post as well! -Sean. Ps Toko Yasuda, Barry London, Dave Baum. You are here too! Pps: Laura Marchetti, Natalie Rodovsky, Molly Burnham, adelaide greene, georgia greene, Maggie O’Brien, Jay Sacher , Glenn Maryansky, joshua Wildman, Ida Pearle, Elaine Ahn, Chris Duncan, Jordan Provost, Danny Leo, Teddy Leo many others, you are in this band too! Much love


  7. movimenta:

    ve lo diciamo con largo anticipo, così fate in tempo a preparare i bagagli: i Van Pelt saranno in Italia a metà Agosto per due date ad ingresso libero, con in apertura i Fargo - ad avvicinare le due band non c’è solo la famiglia di appartenenza, vale a dire quella urgentissima miscela emo math post-hardcore che ha prodotto tanti grandissimi album a metà anni ‘90 (Texas Is The Reason, Sunny Day Real Estate, American Football), ma anche l’aver fatto due dischi che non sono mai davvero usciti, recuperati in seguito da La Castanya e Knifeville, e qui disponibili per il piacere delle vostre orecchie:

    2014! Very soon!!

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  8. Warren Isensee


  9. philamuseum:

    NOW OPEN! 

    Leger: Modern Art and the Metropolis" is officially open. This stunning multimedia installation will shed new light on the vitally experimental decade of the 1920’s in Paris.

    This bold painting by Fernand Léger is the centerpiece of our newest exhibition “Léger: Modern Art and the Metropolis." Almost ten feet wide and eight feet tall, this monumental work captures the kinetic energy and sensory assault of modern city life.

    What does your city look like? Show us your city images by tagging them with #LegerinPhilly.

    The City," 1919, by Fernand Léger. © Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris 

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  10. Matt Phillips. Brian Morris gallery through July 19, with Russell Tyler, Sean Greene

    Artists talk with Brian Morris on Saturday 3pm